Would you have a used flagpole in stock?

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Published: 29th April 2010
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"Would you have a used flagpole in stock?" "Yes, we do sir...?" was the answer that one of my colleagues here at work somewhat surprisingly as she answered his question... Not an uncommon question in this economic season as you and I are trying to save $ on purchases that we make.

New flagpoles are freshly produced in advanced flagpole factories that apply the latest in the world of flagpole technology to their production process. These flagpoles are readily available from most flagpole suppliers throughout the United States.

Now, different kinds of flagpoles (new & used flagpole) are in existence today: aluminum flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles and steel flagpoles. Also, a distinction can also be made between customers: commercial and government customers and residential customers, which in turn (somewhat) determines what kind of flagpole is usually installed.

Aluminum flagpoles are the more popular kind of flagpole, as these are usually sold to the bigger number of residential customers. Steel flagpoles are often sold to commercial and government customers that are in need of a bold patriotic statement. Fiberglass flagpoles are not as popular. However, this kind of flagpole is a very cost-effective alternative for those customers seeking a white (or other) colored flagpole that reaches into space!

Every once in a long while, new flagpoles are shipped to flagpole suppliers warehouse with minor scratches and dents, thus making these flagpoles harder to sell as a result. These "damaged" flagpoles are designated as used flagpole.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, a new flagpole that is designated as a used flagpole is very often a new flagpole that was never (previously) installed, with a (or some) minor scratch(es) or dent(s). Often times these new flagpole inconsistencies are considered minor and not visible from 3 or so feet away. Also, these types of flagpoles are usually significantly reduced in price, making an used flagpole an interesting cost-effective alternative.

For those interested in saving $, and if you are currently doing flagpole research, consider an used flagpole and ask your flagpole supplier for more information.

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